The annual blog post.

Okay, it is, but not really. I only wrote here once in 2022, but with my distaste for social media growing, and Twitter imploding, I want to start using this space more.

It’s my day off for New Year’s, and I’m trying to be productive without overdoing. My legs hurt a lot this morning, so I went on a walk with the dogs, letting Cinnamon determine which direction we went. I turned him around about a third of the way up the south pasture. It’s so good being out at the farm, even if I have no place to put things yet.

I’ve cleaned and organized some, and now I’m resting, which is important to remember to do.

I’m trying to regain my daily habits, like my skincare routine, that I let slide during all the chaos of the wedding, the holidays, and moving. I have habit tracker stickers in my new Katie Daisy planner, and I’m actually using the planner every day.

There’s always complications, but life is good, and for the most part, I’m feeling happier a lot more than I have in a long time.

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  1. That Katie Daisy planner is so pretty!

    I totally understand about trying to regain daily habits, I had so many goals for starting the new year with mine, but I have to hold off until I’m feeling better.

    #bringpersonalbloggingback LOL!

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