“I’m neither an optimist, nor a pessimist, but a possibilist.” – Max Lerner

Writing prompt: Write about all the possibility when chasing your dreams.

I’ve said I’m a realist, but that was before I came across the term “possibilist.” I am absolutely a possibilist. The term applies to me in that I’m an overthinker, and I’ve already imagined so many ways any given situation could turn out. I have a highly active imagination, so I’d even hazard that I’ve thought of most of the ways a given situation could end, if I’d turned my full attention to it.

It’s exhausting being an overthinker, y’all. I’ve tried to not. It doesn’t work.

So, “when chasing your dreams.” It’s possible that I’ve already been exposed to COVID-19, which might kill me, making this exercise moot. It’s possible that I recover, or even come through unscathed this time around. It’s possible that the world as we know it has already ended and we just don’t know it yet. Hm.

It’s possible that my dreams will come true in a sparkling and magical fashion, and I’ll end up with my partners in Alaska, at an altitude higher than my physical pain can reach, debt free and working to live instead of working for money. It’s possible that my acceptable backup dream comes true in a slightly less sparkling but just as magical fashion, and I end up with my partners in Colorado, at an altitude higher than my physical pain can reach, debt free and working to live instead of working for money.

It’s possible that I never get out of this town, but can attain a more realistic dream of renovating the old farmhouse on my grandparents’ homestead and being away from people, without the majestic vistas, but with oh so many trees. It’s possible that I can split my time between the homestead and Colorado at high altitude, if I get a little lucky in real estate. It’s possible that none of the above happens, and I’m destined for a place that I’ve surely imagined, but never with intent. It’s possible that nothing happens, and I’m destined to stay exactly where I am, though I hope that’s not the case.

In any case, whatever the possibility, I intend to have my partners, my animals, my books, and Nature, and nothing will keep me from it.


  1. I love it!! So much is possible. I would say that nothing happening is unlikely. Something that is likely some combination of all that you shared above is going to happen, slowly or quickly, now or later… you will evolve as you have up until this point.

  2. Oh my god. “Possibilist” is an amazing new term for me too.

    And the great thing about your dream is that you already have a lot of those things that you want. You have your partners. You have your animals. You have your books, and nature (I saw that photo of the dead rattle snake – gah!).

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