Coffee and cigarettes

I wake up way before I “need” to every day. In the early days of my RA & fibromyalgia diagnoses, I really needed this time to wake up fully. More recently, I’m able to wake up faster, so this is a good time to write.

Since the pandemic became a Thing here – I’m going to need a shorter way to say that, because I’m sure it’ll be referred to a lot. How about “post-COVID”? So, post-COVID, it takes me awhile to mentally fortify myself to go to work at the morning job’s office. ( I have two part-time office management type jobs.)

The general feeling I get from my managing office is that all of this is just drama. They also minimize me and my office horribly: “You sell two [things] a week,” and, “You have what, two customers?” Yeah. My office and my customers are completely negligible, and just another hassle for you guys to deal with. Got it.

Then there’s the disinfecting supplies and PPE. Most of what I have has been given to me by people that want to keep me safe. A small amount has been sent to me from management. They got me a spray bottle to keep the office off a list – always The Goal: keep the office off of lists – and I had to email and ask “What do I put in it?” I have yet to receive the disinfectant concentrate they promised. When we were to receive disposable masks, they sent me four. Four. Fortunately, someone higher up the food chain sent me a whole box.

“People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.” I’ve heard this before, and in my personal experience, that’s the truth. I can endure a lot, but there’s definitely a limit. They keep finding the edges of it with all the little things combined. Give me strength.

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  1. Unfortunately they won’t take it seriously until it’s too late, and apparently we have a long way to go before we (the country – the government – businesses – etc) get to that point.

    I’m sorry that on top of everything else you have to deal with ignorant people that put your safety and the safety of others at a higher risk.

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