“In the Heights” has been a glorious thing to see, but also a little painful. The ex and I had been looking forward to it for so long, and he’s just about the only person I know that was into it like I was. We actually talked about it on release day, and texted some about the high points. I needed to share it, and, well, he was the only one interested.

“Alabanza” is a heart-rending song from the musical, and to quote it, “Alabanza means to raise this thing to God’s face, and to say quite literally, ‘praise to this.'”

I’ve gone down a few rabbit holes lately into the Wayback Machine’s versions of my various blogs over the years. I noticed in some entries, I’d mention a song, and those memories would flood back so vividly. Also, on the flip side of this topic, the ex has made his way through dark nights by posting song lyrics on social media, and it feels like we’re back on LiveJournal or something.

So: vivid memory for the future or angsty LiveJournal content? Whichever. Alabanza música.

I’ve been listening to Octane on SiriusXM almost exclusively for months. Occasionally my partner and I will share songs to each other with a photo. Atreyu songs, including “House of Gold” and “Warrior” featuring Travis Barker, have always made my day brighter.

Atreyu - House of Gold

He drew my attention to Zero 9:36’s “Adrenaline,” which I already enjoyed, but hadn’t paid specific attention to yet at that time. Since then, every single time I hear it, I smile. Every. Time.

Zero 9:36 - Adrenaline Zero 9:36 - Adrenaline

There are a few songs that have become my anthems of this time in my life. Papa Roach’s “The Ending,” Asking Alexandria’s “Antisocialist,” and most of all, Our Last Night’s “You Broke Me First.” They all resonate with me, and I enjoy hearing them.

Our Last Night - You Broke Me First

And finally, when I need a swift kick in the ass to get moving, I’ve relied almost solely on Ice Nine Kills. “The Silver Scream” and their live album, “I Heard They KILL Live,” are treasures, but nothing properly prepared me for the joy that is “Jason’s Mom.”

Ice Nine Kills - Jason's Mom