Mouse bites

Early Thursday morning, I woke up and had a completely surreal episode of strange symptoms that came and went with no predictability. I can’t say how long it lasted, because I lost consciousness a couple of times. The best guess I could throw at it was a panic attack with no trigger. My dad thought otherwise, so I got an appointment with my doctor.

When I told my partner about it, he said I needed Dr. House, and I replied that he’d just prescribe mouse bites.

Yesterday – Friday – I went to the appointment, and was given a balance test, an EKG, a urinalysis, bloodwork, and a CT scan on my head. That afternoon, they said there was nothing in any of the results that could plausibly explain what happened. The next step is a COVID test.

So I got my first (?) COVID test. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Pro-tip: Bring Kleenex. I held the sneeze in as long as I could after they withdrew the swab, but they were still within range when it exploded. I apologized sincerely, and they were forgiving. But seriously, this testing a virus that can spread by sneezes, using an implement that will tickle all the way in and back out of a person’s nose… that’s just terrible design.

[Update: Test was negative.]